has shown to enhance your 5HTP-2R receptor which leads to increased plasticity in the brain, neurogenesis along with a general feeling of wellbeing. 


Microdosing is a low-dose psilocybin therapy protocol in which the client ingests 1/10th of a gram of psilocybin. By microdosing, the client may reap the benefits of psilocybin in the brain without having any of its psychedelic effects. There are different protocols for microdosing such as the Fadiman Protocol and the Stamets Protocol. The Stamets Stack is our preferred protocol for microdosing because it incorporates Niacin (Vitamin B3) and Lion’s Mane with psilocybin.


Niacin promotes neuronal development and maintenance in the central nervous system. According to a 2019 review of niacin in the central nervous system, optimal niacin intake may delay neurodegeneration though further research is needed to support this claim.


Lion’s mane is a non-psychedelic functional mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) known for many health benefits, including brain health and reduced inflammation.


Stacking psilocybin together with Lion’s mane, and niacin, offers a synergistic effect on cognition and neurological growth. Stamets said stacking psilocybin and Lion’s mane creates an entourage effect of neurogenesis (in animals) in one session of the Bioneers virtual conference. Some benefits of the stack, as described by Paul Stamets, include: 

  • Promotion of neurogenesis. 
  • Reduced anxiety and depression. 
  • Improved memory and cognition. 
  • Improved motor skills. 
  • Stabilized mood. 
  • Enhanced creativity. 
  • Improved hearing and vision. 
  • A greater sense of interconnection. 
  • Relief from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms. 
  • Reduced incidence of neuropathy. 
  • Increased ability to socialize, empathize, and feel courageous. 
  • Enhanced self-awareness.

Check out microdosing.me more resources and tools for tracking your microdosing and achieving optimal results from your microdosing protocol.