Macrodosing consists of large doses of psilocybin which induces a psychedelic state in which the client experiences increased cognitive flexibility, a liberation of bottom-up information flow along with a decrease in activity in the frontal temporal lobe, leading to what is known as an ego death or dissolution. In this psychedelic state, the client enters a space in which the conscious mind releases its grip over the unconscious mind thereby allowing the client to become aware of its unconscious patterns and come to terms with their behaviors.


There are three phases to the macrodosing protocol.

Orientation & Preparation

  • Understand the pharmacology of psylocibin and its interactions with the body.
  • Designate a safe-space, free of distractions for the Administration Session.
  • Identify any thoughts of scenerios that may be specifically disturbing.
  • Set the intentions and purpose of the Administration Session.
  • Download Hopkins Soundtrack.
  • Aquire blindfolds.

Administration Session


  • Have your headphoness and blindfolds available.
  • Have pleasant, calming artwork available.
  • Silence mobile devices.
  • Define dosage.


Ingestion (00:00) – Onset (00:30)

  • Client browses pleasant, calm artwork.
  • Heaphones on, soundtrack begins.


Onset (00:30) – Peak (03:30)

  • Artwork is set aside.
  • Blindfolds come on.
  • Relax and enjoy.


Peak (03:30) – Comedown (05:00)

  • Time to reflect and integrate.
  • Blindfolds may come off.
  • Record significant exp.


  • Review significant realizations and newfound awareness of old thought patterns.
  • Incorporate daily journaling which accounts for the reoccurance self-sabotaging thoughts/behaviors and explore methods of reframing, diverging such thoughts.